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make me choose || adios nonino or send in the clowns? (asked by precipitatos)

Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career
But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns
Well, maybe next year... (x, y)
Zijun Li || Artistry on Ice 2014 (x)

queens. pt2

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Zijun Li & Han Yan || Artistry on Ice 2014 (c) (video)
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Throwback Thursday: 2007 US Figure Skating Championships, Junior Champion

from US Figure Skating (x)

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frettedtoflame asked: That Dai edit found it's way into my heart and STABBED ME RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS. Congratulations on a job well done. It's so beautiful and I am so, so upset.

thank you so much. whenever i make edits i aim to make them in a way that evokes feeling. so for you to tell me that it impacted you in some way, thank you. but don’t be upset ahh hahdhflkdshfhd ;ldakjs

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so we’re bound to linger on

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zefluffletruffle asked: 26 and 48! by the way, i love that photo of Mao you have on the side of your blog.
  • 26: What movies would you watch over and over and still love? the lion the witch and the wardrobe? studio ghibli movies, especially princess mononoke. amadeus. movies in that sort of vein? i’m pretty sure i like other movies as well but these are the only ones that are coming to mind for me right now;;
  • 48: Do you sing in the shower? not really unless i’m in a singing mood, i guess. mostly when i’m in the shower i’m too busy thinking about things and relaxing to sing

thank you! i love that photo too (lol) (▰˘◡˘▰) 

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Jeremy Abbott, Adagio for Strings || The Ice 2014 (x)
Anonymous asked: 1 and 97!
  • 1:Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? usually closed, if it’s open though and i’m already half asleep i won’t bother to close it…
  • 97:Do you want kids? i think i’ve taken to kids lately, recently at art class bbs kept standing behind me and engaging me in conversation about my piece. also i smiled at some of them and gave one a lollipop - they used to be kind of scared of me hahaha. and i made a cute little bb cheer up and laugh. kids are kinda cute and i really like their honesty. although sometimes they can be annoying and noisy, so. maybe just one.
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