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we’re all friends now but just wait until the Olympics start

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Favorite Mao Step Sequences: Nocturne in E-flat major (ver.2) || Worlds 2014 (x)
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GTKM ★ 1/8 Ladies Skaters - Ashley Wagner

I think Ashley’s biggest strength is her overall power and command. There are so many beautiful skaters in the ladies event (I love beautiful skating, who doesn’t?!), that when someone goes out there like a dominatrix, we’re all left saying “Wow!” It’s unusual, exciting and beautiful skating in its own right.

- Adam Rippon

come and get it i kill

happy (almost late) birthday to mirai nagasu! may the coming year be full of lovely surprises and smiles, and may you crush in all your upcoming competitions 

Takahiko Kozuka || 2010 GPF (x)
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You might think that I won’t make it on my own…

Happy 21st Birthday, Mirai! May you keep coming back stronger than ever!

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Happy Birthday to the most flawless sunshine! ♥


suddenly struck by a terrible case of taka feelings THANKS MS. JARDINAQUATIQUE

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Feliz Cumpleaños, Javier Fernández (April 15)! May you keep dancing like you’ve never danced before!

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